charlie brown cafe

yday nite,
went to the 1st charlie brown cafe in msia
a cafe dat decorated v de theme of "snoopy n its frenz"
kinda cute

different table v different image der

menu of charlie brown cafe

jz feel like wana try all

u can c a long queue there,
and even keow kuang's headmistress der

keep waiting for my food
 while others were enjoying their meal


snoopy and its frenz; jy and her frens ^^

all about charlie brown cafe

charlie brown cafe in strait quay mall

all along strait quay mall

strait quay mall,
a nice place to hang up v frenz
lot of choices der for u to choose
frm pub to yogurt shop
suit for different ages ppl
n it looks nice at night
v de lighthing n de view of sea
sort of romantic place for couple to walk along
i will go der v de uncertain "U" one day

AT frens,
is time to visit penang okie!!

sis gang,
no more SG n JB pls!!


gek po teacher

heard frm my tuition boy dat 2day is jit sin's parents day
when reach home cepat cepat msg KH
told her i wana b gek po=三八 teacher tmr
folo her to de parents day
actly wat i wan is just visit my pupils der
i miss them so much

went der arnd 10am
feel weird whn seeing so much chinese pupils in chinese schl
(its jz normal thing, jz i a weirdo~XP)
cz de schl i go avday is lack of chinese kiddoz
cant adapy myself in dat moment,haha

at 1st duno wat shld i do der
cz im nt familiar v pupils der anymore
so no one will call me teacher
im jz like a stranger or children's guardian der
walking arnd n hv a look at de exhibition
loitering arnd 15mins den walk to meet up v kh
she showed me those kiddoz class
n i look at dem
"OMG, they changed alot"
totally different frm last time
not dat cute anymore
cz of their body size
become taller n taller

said HI to dem
dey look at me v their wondering eyes
read frm their eyes
n i found out dat dey cant recognise me anymore
"still rmb me?"
"......" (in de process of thinking)
"ah, you are miss law!!"
so in chinese will be "啊,你是刘老师!!"
phhew, finally!!!

one of de parent told me she cant recognise me as well
cz i cut my hair short
wearing jeans n t-shirt
is different frm de picture i gv to her daugther

after knowing who i am
de situation became so noisy
but i love dis
i love u all so much ^^
my 1st batch devils

i met v my mushroom head too
der is no chance for me to cht v him
sort of dissapointed
i missed out the chance to meet v darren
oh ya, dey call him “小花”
such a cute nickname
not oni lil flower
i missed out many of them too

wish all of u stay healthy n happy
刘老师going to miss u guys muchie

















ya, it is 3am nw
n im still awake
jz bk frm yum cha-ing v frens
spending omost 5hrs der
listened to de songs der
flash back lot of things
holding de hp
reading de sms dat replied frm u
advising me in some stuffs
yet, i cant let go

de 2guys really hv a nice voice
enjoying their songs
n their so called humourous
their voice really touch our heart
tears drop
(not me, so no worries,but im worried abt u~)

nobody cn help u
so, u hv to b strong
helping urself to stand up again
life in future still full of challenges
dun beat by dis matter
jia you jia you!!!

i love you,
i still love you,
i hate i still love you~


thing dat neva change

i was hving a nice n super duper long chat v fren,
in winter warmer

a place dat full of my memories
a place dat i cant stop going
a place dat "v" started our journey
a place dat "v" ended our story

today v shared 2gth
jz wana make each other feel better
i went tru de same thing
n i want to cheer u up
smile as loud as u can
life will be great
if you believe in urself

so fren,
lets pray for a better life ^^

her drink, forgot wat rose latte.

taste nice and look nice..juzt like her~ XP

my choccolate mint coffee

started to drink coffee after "v" last met~

hey gurl,
things will change when time pas by
but pls bare in mind
love from our family will neva change
no matter wat happen
dats de oni true and eternal love

choc waffle

ice cream waffle

de prob u had faced
was just a challenge from god
to make u become stronger
and it is a path for u to grow up
avthing will has it so called 1st time
so jz experience it to make ur life more fruitful
de most important thing is
"let by gone be by gone"
for sure,
reminding myself too ^^

2 ordinary gossip gurls~ XP


i'm a mess vtot u

everyday i go to school in good mood
everyday i back frm schl with BAD BAD mood
teachers der, cant u behave urself?

when there is bunch of works
they will call us "teacher"
when there is a jamuan
no one will remember us as a "teacher"
we r just a trainee
so v are not qualify to attend it
although v did lot of works for dem
and after de jamuan
dey will just da bao all the left over food for us
and said : 这个是的,你们打包回去,你们又省下午餐了!
come on, pls dun act like u treat us nicely k!!
dis is jz bcz those u duno hw 2clean up ur tables!

hey,teachers der,
u tot as a trainee very free izt?
so frm headmaster till teachers can just simply order us?
if you all treat us nicely
talk v us in polite way
no back stepping
i think v will helping u guys vtot any complain

using LCD for teaching oso kena complain
parking de car under de tree oso kena complain
marking wrong one word oso kena complain
toilet dirty oso kena complain (damn stupid thinking)
wana print something for student by using schl printer oso kena complain
switch on too many lamp n fan oso kena complain
switch on the air con in library oso kena complain (othr teacher ask us to on de okie!!)

but why der is no complain when needed us to:
do a new carta organisasi board for u?
decorate de stage during CNY celebration?
do a class cleaning competetion board?
record de result for cleaning competetion avweek?
train students for story telling and public speaking competetion?
(oni 1 teacher hv2 train 11 students!! SIAO meh~)
decorate de stage for teacher retirement celebration?
ganti class everyday?
(even passing by de bilik guru oso kena order)
carry out co-curiculum activities?
(whn der student injured, v kena again)
decorate school academic boards?
help in sukan tara?
draw mural for schl?
and lots of small small things!! >.<

telling myself not to angry in those stuff
bt when facing those faces
de fire in my heart will jz burn automatically
i need a nice place to refresh my mind
i need holiday to recharge myself in teaching
i need more patient and passion to those kiddoz
i need those hypocritical teachers out of my view
i need those over limit works stay away from me
i need lot of delicious dessert in front of me right nw
i need someone who know me well to chat v

wat i really need is U,
right here for me~










i'm in here

I'm in here, can anybody see me?
Can anybody help?

I'm in here, a prisoner of history,
Can anybody help?

I'm in here, I'm trying to tell you something,
Can anybody help?

I'm in here, I'm calling out but you can't hear,
Can anybody help?

Can't you hear my call?
Are you coming to get me now?
I've been waiting for
You to come rescue me.
I need you to hold
All of the sadness I cannot
Live with inside of me.

I'm crying out, I'm breaking down,
I am fearing it all,
Stuck inside these walls,
Tell me there is hope for me
Is anybody out there listening?

I'm in here, can anybody see me?
Can anybody help?