lil turtles

Yesterday, I went to Jusco with Kin Keet and also Elyssa to watch the Lilttle big soldier, and for me it is a nice movie, but i still think that Percy Jackson nicer than all the movie i watched during the CNY break. When we wana go back home from Jusco, we saw a stall which sell some "fighting fish" and also mini size turtles there. Hmm, since i wana breed turtles for long time, so i bought 2 turtles back =). Nemo thinks that the 2 lil turtles must be the poor turtles because having a owner like me, haha!!! sound true also =P

2 poor little turtles of mine ^^

Should i give them a name? If yes, what name should i give? 
Hey friends, think for me k~ ^^




my first yoga lesson

Well, since all my housemates went back to their hometown and i got nothing to do during this long weekend, so i decided to start my yoga lesson on today. Drove lonely to the "Origin Yoga Studio" which nears to Sentosa Food Court there and having my lesson there. I like the environment of that studio although not with the very highclass decoration but the facilities there is quite sufficient. The yoga teacher is quite friendly and nice too, she purposely teach all those steps by using dwi-language--english and hokkien, because i am the only person there who don't understand hokkien well. Whole week did'nt go for sport after cny break and i felt comfortable after sweating alot today. ^_^

Guidelines before doing yoga postures
1. Have a medical check up before taking p yoga.(hmm,i failed to do that. =P)
2. Exercise on empty stomatch or 2-3 hours after food. (yeah, i did it. ^^)
3. Bath only with luke warm water.
4. Don't sun bathe.
5. Don't drink 10 minutes before class.
6. Have proper rest and sleep at least 6-7 hours.
7. Keep your mind free and calm.
8. No smoking and alcohol.
9. Ideal time to practise is morning.
10. Attire for yoga should be neat, clean and comfortable with empty pockets, cotton is preferred.
11. All nails trimmed short, remove all jewellery, belts and watches.
12. If your body feels tired, weak or in pain, don't do yoga.
13. Strenous exercise before or after 3 hours after yoga is not advisable.

Guide for yoga diet
1. Vegetarian food is encouraged.
2. Avoid spicy food.
3. Avoid eating till 100% full. (80% full is advisable)
4. Avoid talking, watching TV or reading newspaper while eating.
5. Eat slowly and chew properly (Chew 20-30x).
6. Avoid eating if you are feeling emotional.
7. Drink water before or after food.
8. Drink more warm water.
9. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
10. No tea and coffee.

I really enjoy my first lesson today. ^_^




Yan's bro, hope you rest in peace






day after day

We met and we talked and it was epic, but then the sun came up and reality set in. I thought there are nothing going to change between you and me, am I cocky much huh? Things seem like changing much nwadays.

Today i convinced myself it was OK to give up, don't take risks, stick with the status quo, now is just not the time. All I am doing is hiding from the truth and thetruth is that I am scared if I let myself be happy for even one moment that the world's just going to come crashing down.

I need a saint, the patron saint of lost paths and confusing futures.

merci YX

I got my souvenir from YX during this CNY, after 6 months or may be more then 6 months only i get it. There is a habbit between he and me. We will keep either souvenir or gift for long long time first before we pass it to each other. Can't imagine during this CNY only he have the chance to take his 2008 birthday gift from me,lol~But for me, it still warmth and sweet =)

hey bro, Thnx alot for your souvenirsssss ya =)

i like this little box so much~ according to YX, the angels (not kids) were painted by a famous Italian painter called Rapheal.

can put all my little accessories in this cute box, so sweet =)

Wana check out who is Rapheal? Just click at http://www.answers.com/topic/raphael .

Wish you all the best in your final Toshiba interview at Japan =)

"happening" day

I went to ipoh early in the morning with Juling to meet up jacklyn who is a super busy gal there. We got no choice so both of us had to go and back in the same day. Actually it is quite tired (depart from penang at 9am and reach ipoh at 11am then back at 3pm) but for me it still worth. Today really a nice and memorable day for me. I get to know them when i was 18 years old and i am the yubgest among them, so can be the "king" between 3 of us. They will help me to solve all the problems that i faced but now the situation are different, i am no more the youngest one in my course or even among my housemates, so i gona settle everything by myself (ling, thats why you feel that i chaged,lol~), become more mature and independent. I can't act like the style when i mix around with you gals. Time and tide waits for no man, I gona make myself to grow up not only physically but also mentally. So, no worries about me yae =)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and distance is not the obstacle among us =)

Wish her all the best in PHD studies at Australia~gona meet ya at 2012 ^^

Ling and me =) hope to meet with her again~

By the way thanks for YX's souvenir from Italy, Fix and Fit =P


gals gathering

Time flies, it was just a blink and CNY had over. Well, so now I am count downing for my March holiday. Quite busy during this past CNY, relatives gathering, friend’s wedding, friends gathering, temple’s function all those activities make me busy like a bee, but yet I am enjoying it. This year CNY got not much time to meet with all of my friends and relatives especially cousin brothers and sisters, too bad ~

Few days ago having a gals gathering among 5 of us, it was a really memorable sweet sweet time. We chat! We sing! We laugh! I really appreciate 4 of them as my sisters in my life, without them life will be so humdrum and bored, undeniable! Like what I had mentioned before, time flies, we know each other already 10 years and this “TIGER” year is our 10th anniversary! Hey sis, we gona continue our friendship in the rest of our life ya, that’s a promise. Let’s cheer for our “sistership” and don’t forget we are going to celebrate it when we next meet. (P/s: KL get frighten by us, because he never knows that we will be that crazy during the photo session! Hey guy, since you know us for so long, you gona used to our pattern k~ =P)


cakes n cookies

Well, cny soming soon and i got no mood to study so lets update this nonsense post here =P

stuffs that needed to bake a delicious cake ^^

before it had been put into the oven

orange flavour sponge cake ^^

oreo cheese cake ^^

chocolate flavour brownies (look ugly but taste nice)

butter cokies

honey cornflakes

hmm, this was the first macaroni i cooked~is not cake or cookies, saja wana post it =P

Those cakes and cookies were bake from devil ^^ cooking is my hobby oso =) but i do not guarantee that the food that cook by me must be tasty and delicious,haha! In mean time, i don't like to cook chinese cuisine, i tried before but those dishes that cooked by me didn't taste nice at all, just a normal dish~ Hmm, i think gona start learning from sista. My mom oways complain that i spent too much time in the kitchen but in the end the food i cook doesn't match with her and daddy's appetite, too bad, cause they dislike western food and those cookies + cakes =( But luckily, sister, brother, kee kin, li hong and hui li support me well =) Oh ya, i like to bake pizza and make sushi oso, easier but tasty ^^

one team one dream

Today table tennis practise caused me feel even more tired after the olahraga training in the morning. I go no time back to home before i go for the training, everything was so rush, force to stay back at college until 6.60pm =.=''' I got no time to take my proper lunch today, when practising suddenly felt sick. Akmal and Hoi Yee got shocked when seeing my pale face =P How i know today practise was more "heavy" than usual wor, the coaches become so aspiring, may be due to the competetion is around the corner, so gona train hard and hard! Sarawak is our team's target! ONE TEAM ONE DREAM =) All of us gona fight for our dream! Add oil ^^
p/s: Kai Sheng, thanks for fetching me back yae =) 

Rc is getting sick in these few days, hope she will recover soon and in the pink of health~

CNY coming soon, can't wait for the gathering with jac jac and ju ling, miss the time we laughed together, miss the time we kept complaining about the auntie, miss the time we went for shopping, miss the time we having our meal together, miss the time when ah ling and me still studying our foundation at aimst, miss the time when jacklyn still was a biotech lecturer at aimst and those times before she was leaving malaysia, miss the old days among 3 of us, so muchie ^^

oppss, jz left half of ling's face >.<





new hairstyle

Went to saloon with RC and SH in the afternoon, at first just planned to accompany RC to have a hair cut but who knows, 3 of us have a different hairstyle after few hours =) SH cut her long hair that already follow her since form 2 to the shoulder length bob style whereas RC and i decided to have a curly look on 2010.

Its fun to have a fresh look on myself =)


love you too =P

thanks for purposely calling me from singapore~
thanks for the support that you gave~
thanks for the concern that you showed~
thanks for the consolation that you had shown~
thanks for the experiences that you shared~
thanks for the jokes that you told~
thanks for everything that you did for me ^^

Again, thousand of thank you from the bottom of my heart =)

Devil:" Dolphin, thanks alot at that very moment~"

love you

Just now went for my table tennis practice, when back home I saw one notice stick at the door there, had a look on it, it was from RC~
Here a game starts, my lovely housemates try to cheer me out. Thousand of thank you from the bottom of my heart. ok, Since I feel gloom today, have a fun on it also not bad. Walked to the fridge, opened it, saw a new flavor shandy with a note standing silently there. The second hints is from ah Ong ^^

According to the hint given, third step is to go my food box and try to find out something else there.

Qiang qiang~~panda biscuit frm SB ^^ they know that i like this kind of snack very much~

Ok, now changing the direction to up stair. A row of Forrero Rocher sticks in front of my room’s door. A little gift and the continuos tips from Elyssa~

Huh?! I gona go down to the down stair again. 1,2,3 little gifts are with me already, which mean that still less a little gift from RC. Elyssa asked me to search for a red colour stuff in the fridge,hmm~what is that? Curious to know it ^^

fuyoh, secret recipe cake is my favourite--"winks"

Saw some notes on my table, touching to read all of the notes or I should say encouragement from them.

When I am writing this post, one of them knocked my door, knocked for few times some more, but they all dare not to come in although don’t know how many times I answer them “come in” . They said that still got many snacks not hide yet but I already back from my practice, cause them cant continue the station game, too bad~^^
Thanks to my lovely housemates (with my red red eyes there), i will go through it because i am who i am ^^ still can camholding means that i m all rite, no worries yae =)

Thanks to KK and also YK =)













Never ever try to be a keh po if that is none of your business, although you think that they will be a bit suffer with their decision.

Never ever open your mouth to talk something which is not match with the “boss’s” ideas or suggestion, because in the end you will be the victim.

Obviously, I am the keh po of the day, which is what we call “烂好人”, think for their good but end up in me myself be the one who get scold by some one else. After the lecture, keep complaining this and that which I had mentioned before. Then why don’t you guys just speak it out and let the lecturer knows? Mumbling behind the lecturer for what?

Sadly to say that, I really feel disappointed with the lecturer and also some one else in the class. Like what you had said:”我很心痛看到你们为什么不肯吃一点点的亏?事事要求公平。”

Hey please, if I am this kind of person why I have to help you all photostat the lecture notes? I am just in charged in PN not other subjects ok! You don’t know all of this, just because you never asked before! I am not the only one in class who bring car to college so I don’t have this kind responsibility to do all these nonsense things.

Honestly to say that, I almost cry at that moment but thanks God I didn’t because this is the undeserved thing to me, not worth for me to cry for it. Start from today, I will keep my mouth shut and just follow the order from any one. May be I should ask mom, why my face look like I am the one who will bully others when compare with other gals~

I really really really feel upset today. Thanks housemates be there with me.


i need a financial consultant

Second month into my studying life in 2010, and finally have to sit down and do some financial planning, argh~~~ (hand under chin, trying hard to reflect...reflect) House rental, food, petrol, internet bill, TNB bill, PBA bill, and tiny tiny expenditures, never realized it can be so much in TOTAL!!! I think I really need a part time job  >.<’’’

BM life is more expensive than AT, with so many temptations lurking around, gonna set a goal for myself to spend less in this Feb, less shopping and singing k (or go out with rich friends and be a parasite,haha!!)

This Saturday having class replacement, can consider as no off at all, going back on next Friday,having 1 week CNY holiday, hence should spend less, right devil? Hope so ^^

It is Monday again, gotta start study, dread for it man~ but still have to face the reality. Everyone looks forward to Friday, haha~
Recently addicting to my cousin brother's blog, is fun to read what he had wrote and meanwhile can learn flowery English from his post =P Never know that he is damn good in Chinese too, awesome  ^^
Doctor cousin brother and devil ^^

His pet-- Gilbert from Ukraine,kinda cute~