Yesterday, I realized ~
When you are playing mix double for badminton game and you are not managing to run and safe the shuttle, what you need to do is just open your mouth and shout to your partner:” You play!” then you can save alot of energy. =P

Pity my partner on the yesterday badminton game, ran the whole court. Felt paiseh to him, because get a “ma ma di” partner like me. I really enjoy the game, although I failed to beat back the shuttle but he still will praise me and gave me encouragement. Thanks a lot ya ^^

清补凉---the “must dessert” that I have to eat after the game. =P

Today, I realized~

When you are angering, don’t open your mouth, because you will regret what you had said but it is too late to stop it. Walk away from the place or person is the best way to calm down your bad-tempered. If you still feel angry after few hours, don’t doubt, go for sport. After exercising, you will throw away all the anger together with the sweat. So take a chance to let yourself to relax and relief all those anger. Believe me, it works!
Tomorrow, what will I realize? Hmm, God knows~
Yoh, just now went to Lee Chong Wei’s house and plan to sembang-sembang with his parents, who knows we end up in singing K with Uncle Lee while aunty was busying to clean up the house.Uncle's voice really nice to listen.

Uncle was busing to fix the the mic
Uncle and RC are enjoying the song =P
(RC, later aunts jealous only you know.)

You guess what; we get a wedding invitation card from uncle.Ya, we are going to attend the wedding on coming Sunday, can listen Uncle's voice again~

Just had my new haircut today, housemates told me that I look like a sublimate gal =P LOL~ When only can my hair grow long??!! Waiting and waiting and waiting but yet it still short =”(


HI dentist

Just now after class I went to “visit” a dentist at BM, finally I get to make a decision, should give me a clap =P,lol~ Thanks Jason be the driver of the day, oh before him should thanks SB first, haha! By the way, thanks RC and SH too, both of them scare I will escape from the clinic so act like my body guards to accompany me for my tooth checking session, hehe~ hmm, have to thanks Elyssa also, stand by in the house to be my reserve driver =P. Fuyoh, I am just going to check my tooth but all my housemates are there with me, touching touching =)

When the dentist checked my tooth, his first dialog was:”wah, your gum swell already, have to extract your wisdom tooth. So, you wan to have the extraction now?”

Devil:” Now?! Obviously NO, Thanks, today not free, how about next Monday?”

Dentist:” Ok, but I suggest you come on Friday, because you have time to rest during weekend. Ya, i can give you MC on Friday if you want.” (can i get MC for few days?)

Devil:”(mumble in the heart) Cant la, this weekend going to celebrate SH’s birthday, if I extract on Friday, for sure I got no mood to join the activity, will spoil their mood. Monday better, because I get an excuse to ponteng class,haha!”

Dentist:” Never mind, you decide yourself, you can come any time when you feel free.”

Devil:”(again, I mumbled in the heart) for sure you will welcome me anytime, because I am your “财神爷” what, =.=’’’

Hmm, now comes to the time to make decision weather want to extract my tooth on coming Friday or next Monday?? Thinking and thinking and thinking~ The best answer in my heart is NO NEED to extract is the best decision!

Another decision to decide is weather celebrate SH’s birthday at David Brown’s restaurant at Penang Hill or Sunset Bistro at Batu Ferringi?

David Brown's Restaurant on top of Penang Hill.

Sunset Bistro at Batu Ferringi

* Thanks for Sue’s recommendations yae =)

Who want to accompany me for my wisdom tooth extraction??!! I'll be his GF~
Totally out of topic >.<'''



Read a very meaningful article from a lecturer's note which title "LET THEM GO"~ and it is quite suit to my current situation.

By T.. D. Jakes
There are people who can walk away from you.
And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone.

When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay.

Let them go.
And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in your story is over so that you don't keep trying to raise the dead.. You've got to know when it's dead.

You've got to know when it's over. Let me tell you something.. I've got the gift of good-bye. It's the tenth spiritual gift, I believe in good-bye.. It's not that I'm hateful, it's that I'm faithful, and I know whatever God means for me to have He'll give it to me. And if it takes too much sweat I don't need it. Stop begging people to stay.

Let them go!!
If you are holding on to something that doesn't belong to you and was never intended for your life, then you need to...

If you are holding on to past hurts and pains .......

If someone can't treat you right, love you back, and see your worth......

If someone has angered you.

If you are holding on to some thoughts of evil and revenge.....

If you are involved in a wrong relationship or addiction.. . . .

If you are holding on to a job that no longer meets your needs or talents

If you! u have a bad attitude...

If you keep judging others to make yourself feel better......

If you're stuck in the past and God is trying to take you to a new level in Him.........


If you are struggling with the healing of a broken relationship . . ...

If you keep trying to help someone who won't even try to help themselves. . . ...

If you're feeling depressed and stressed ............

If there is a particular situation that you are so used to handling yourself and God is saying 'take your hands off of it,' then you need to......

Next, stop and think and appreciate God's power in your life, for doing what you know is pleasing to Him.

God loves you and watches over you everyday.

my wisdom tooth

I am suffering for toothache for almost one week, although feel ill but still dare not to say HI to dentist. Hmm, since last year my wisdom tooth starts to grow up but after 365 days it stills the same, or may be a bit bigger than last time. Went to see two dentist before, their recommendations were the same, you better cabut your wisdom tooth or else it will affect other teeth.

Housemates asked me to do so, but it is not just a common take off tooth process, it is a small OPERATION, sound like quite horrible (from the description of my dentist brother) and it cost a lot. That is not the reason I don’t want to visit the dentist although I already make an appointment with him. The main problem is I haven’t yet plucked up the courage to say bye to my wisdom tooth. Argh, I need braveness to make a decision and at the same time to take action. HELP!!!

Yesterday went to watch “tooth fairy” with my brother, actually plan to watch the spy, but the cinema was full, too bad~
Brother:” Huh?! Tooth fairy? I just finish my exam, just escape from the teeth, now you want me to watch this movie?”
Haha, but in the end he still persuaded by me, winks~ ^^ but sigh, this movie is not that nice =( I want to watch the spy next door; hope can get the ticket today at Gurney plaza.


previous blog

my previous blog's address ^ ^

bad day

Few days ago due to the freaking hot weather and my throat was almost facing problem so I cooked Chrysanthemum tea for my housemates and also myself. Hmm, the process of cooking was funny and laughably. Such a memorable experience that only can understand by Sin Huai and me.

Chrysanthemum Tea that cooked by Devil ^^

My lovely housemates were forcing by me to take this pic =P
(by holding their Chrysanthemum Tea,haha)

Ya, I like to cook those “weird” food (food that Hock Chiew people used to eat) to let them have a try, but usually they will thumbs up for my cooking skill, LOL~ Hmm, still palnning to cook "wan tan" for them, gals wait till i free first yae =)

Oh ya, last tuesday we were attending a crazy lecturer's class under the hot sun for two hours, sat there and listened to his nonsense ‘Ngah ngah” lecture for 120 minutes, the most pity thing is I forgot to apply sun block on that day, GOSH!!!

All students were using the notes to cover up their face.
(i am so brave to take pictures durig the lecture =P)

These few days, I am really going to break down physically and also mentally, make me feel down and gloom. Failed to achieve something, which was predictable but still feeling dreadful. What RC told me was right, “tolerate” – I will bare in mind but doesn’t mean that I will pretend to be deaf. So, please don’t over my limit, don't try to trigger out my anger, as you all know that I am a bad-tempered devil =P

I really hope there are someone to accompany me in this very moment. You can say nothing, do nothing to me, what i wish is just stay with me and let me know that you are my forever supporter. =)


is sunday again

Early in the morning i received sms from Har, dat fella said "kia lo, jerejak, hahaha~", but the whole day i am just staying in my room. Har's msg, untrustable,LOL~ (PK edi still think of going out with friends,sigh!) Now you know how important money is? When you are boring, you need it, when you go for shopping, you need it, when you are temptating in something, you need it. For me, ever hour, every minute, every second i need money in my life,hehe!

Here is a so-called poem from that untrustable Har, he wrote it few years ago during the foundation time in C2 class.


no money, no talk

Althought it sounds like nonsense but if you take into consideration, it is true also.
In the mean time during the lecture ( already forgot who is the lecturer , mayb is Thermutu, Mr.Ong or who else?) sue agree har's poem with her own theory.


Ok, back to my sunday story, due to the lonesome sunday, i made some instant puting for my housemates, which i bought the powder last year,lol~(dun b afraid, not expired yet! >.<''')

In the afternoon, Elyssa gona fetch RC and SB from the railway station so i tumpang her car to take my car roadtax from hui li, while waiting for her we loitering at jusco, and guess wat, we saw "God of money" infront of EE Yan Shang.

All those kids are fighting to get the ang pao and mask from "HIM"

Yoh, Gong Hei Fa Choi, CNY is around the corner~
(i gt t also, althought i am not a kid anymore)

Here is the ang pao that i got ,winks^^



im alone to a new place for study,to aimst,to sp,to such a ulu place,hehe,but im glad tht i m able to hav so much pals..jy(jiaying),har,anna,ken,karyn,ooi...we all r in the same class...ya im such a quiet person,hehe,but i "open my mouth first" to talk to u,hehe,u r my first vege friend,i learn lot lot thing from u too,esp chinese words tht i forgot how to write,3 of us in the back,always bla bla bla,nonstop...we did assignment together,our science project,still remember it?southern blotting,dna fingerprint...i miss the day in basketball court,we chat till late night,in the end security ppl halau us back hostel...i always ask myself,if u didnt quit at tht time,do i still in this course,or we r together chasing our dream n graduate at this year...no matter how,our friendship never end by tht,it will last forever n ever...although we cant meet tht often,but our relationship r still tht fresh,we can chat about nonsense...anything,everything...无论如何我的祝福永远都会陪着你,陪着我最好的朋友… yeah,i would like to send this back to u2..
U missed out something, lunch time in the class, those fruit and snack food session after lunch (cloud 9, kit kat, and oso ice cream), and we wrote poem at the back when the lecture was going on. 3 of us always didn't pay attention to the class but disscussing some "hot issues" by passing the written notes among us,haha! Oh ya, we did sandwiches in Har's place also, the UNO game make me ate alot of sandwitches, i still keep the pic in my file. =P

Oh ya, thanks KK for fetching me to Queensbay yae =)


Yesterday went Queensbay to meet with Sue, best freind of mine during foundation time at AIMST. Don't have the chance to meet her oftenly since i left AIMST few years ago. Miss the old days that we study in the same class and staying in the same Taman BLM with Karyn, Anna, Har, Ooi, Ken and C.Ern.



虾虾哥哥,有点后悔这么迟才认识你…早点认识你或许我的生活会更多姿多彩吧!最近老是和祥泰当你的电灯泡,不好意思哦!不过再也没有这机会让我自己’亮死’了!爱迪生不好当哦…不信的话问祥泰吧!我会永远记得我们一起上physic remedial class的日子,虽然不长,但至少我们俩曾经为它而拼过…在云顶上课的日子因为有你的陪伴而变得不无聊.我不能陪你上完最后一堂remedial class了!未来的工程师要专心上课哦!把你这可爱妹妹的分数一起拼回来哦…哈哈!!!记得自己去决定结局的结果.

我曾经的室友,很高兴在那段时间与你的相处.或许我们之间有少许的误会,但都一一解开了.只因我们对彼此的了解都更进一步了吧!没想到你也能把戏演得很好哦…我们之中的最佳女主角.你的演技竟然能把那两个男生给骗到,真有你的.哈哈…从今以后再也没有我陪你一起ponteng class了,所以上课要用心咯!为自己的前途而打拼,不要输给’生物’ 这科哦!一定要成为一名出色的医生.咖啡猫的性格不能常常发挥咩不然的话我就少了个医生朋友.哈哈…别太计较身边的一切事情,看开些或许会快乐一点..



Still remember that this was the first "article" i wrote about my best peers when i left AIMST. Time flies but hope that the friendship between us will never break. =)


table tennis

Table tennis is my most favourite game since primary school and no wonder how old im this will be the unchange fact in my life. =) Don't ask me why because LOVE is no reason. =P

Undeniable i felt happy when i knew that i got the chance to play ping pong in the Zon Utara competetion which held at the coming Feb. Due to this match, Mr.Steven asked us to have a pratice on today 3pm at the GERKO department's room, but who knows when we reached there, we saw the room is still full of stuff. In addition there is no table at all. Ok, never mind, Mr.Steven and us walked all around the college's compound to look for a suitable place for our practice, but in vain~

Another 40 minutes elapsed, but we still failed to search an appropriate room. Hemm, pihak yang berkenaan, if you wish us to win the Zon Utara competetion please provide and prepare the condusif and comfortable room and facilities for us k!!! In the meantime, another misfortune fell upon us is we gona move those stuffs in the room by ourselves, Is that a Grade A college should be?! How shameful it is~

I really hope our college team can win the match within Zon Utara then we have the chance to further the competetion in Sarawak, free air ticket, free accomodation, free meals, all are FOC, how nice it is. =) I really wish that we get the chance to appreciate this unexpected piece of good news.

This time practice make me flash back my Sukan Perak memorable experience. If not mistaken Chun Yan was our Manjung Team leader, and there were another 9 players were lead by him. Althought we only got bronze medal ( Heaven be thanked )in the competetion of Sukan Perak few years ago, but we won the friedship that never break among the players. Those sweet memories are still fresh in my mind. Chua twins brothers from Pantai, 2 handsome guys Lee Kee and Chu Bing, Lay Sia and Yee Hui from Sitiawan, a Pantai gal Yee Chien, Hui Li and me are the best players in Manjung Team ( my personal opinion =P ) Really miss those old days training with you guys in Ku Tien Hall, and thank God get to know you all,lol~

Just now went for dinner with housemates, one roti tisu and milo ice cost me RM3.80???!!! RM2.20 for only one roti tisu!!! Damn expensive~



关 关 雎 鸠, 在 河 之 洲。
窈 窕 淑 女, 君 子 好 逑。

参 差 荇 菜, 左 右 流 之。
窈 窕 淑 女, 寤 寐 求 之。

求 之 不 得, 寤 寐 思 服。
悠 哉 悠 哉, 辗 转 反 侧。
参 差 荇 菜, 左 右 采 之。
窈 窕 淑 女, 琴 瑟 友 之。
参 差 荇 菜, 左 右 毛 之。
窈 窕 淑 女, 钟 鼓 乐 之。

This is the poem which wrote by "周南" before Dynasty Chin, and i am the one who have to do it for my group ISL. Now i am facing a BIG problem in searching information from internet, sigh!
Below is the question that put me into trouble:
Walao, there were so many dynasties after Dynasty Chin, how to collect the information la @_@'''


toneless sunday

Oppss, uncle who stays opposite my house in BM starts his karaoke time again @_@ I think he must be Beyond and 周华健's super fans, because everytime when he is singing, they are the only singers' song i can hear in my lovely but messy bedroom =P Oh ya, mayb Gary also, i heard he sang "betray--背叛" once during my last semester study week, but is just once in a blue moon. Hmm, it was a very funny experience, i think...When he was singing this song, my housemate and me were studying in the living room, i admit that his voice really throw us into trouble, we cant even focus on our revision due to his high quality PA system, when he is singing the whole taman can listen his voice, how proud he is,haha! =_='''

Ok, talk about the "betray" song, both of us were trying our best to guess what was the song he sang that time, wait and wait and wait, finally we got it, but that was the time he almost finish the whole song. SB and me laugh until non-stop. Undeniable, the uncle's voice is a very efficient way for us to release our stress when we are having the exam fever =P

Sunday should be fruitful and not just staying in the room and facing my darling -- ASUS, but the problem is 26, Lorong Lobak3 people got no money to hang around, aisksss!!! Hmm, which kindness friend wana ask me out and sponsor me all the spenses, for sure i will consented with pleasure, LOL~ I am just joking, coz still got 2 PN reflections and chinese literature notes waiting for me to date with them, what a boring lifestyle here, argh!!! =( Tomorrow, Monday again, 3 hours chinese literature lecture continuously, oh gosh!!!

Lunch time again, what should i cook for my lunch ya? Tomyam Mee? Carrot Conjee? Mushroom Rice? Or just cookies and soya milk? Such a bothersome problem~ In the meantime, i can smell that my housemate is busying to prepare her lunch in the kitchen now, the "king king klang klang" sound of the dishware make me feel hungry too, haha!!

new blog 2010

Hmm, actually i don't mean to create a new blog, just don't know due to wat reason i failed to sign in my blogbus's account (i miss my previous blog so much), so force to wasting my times and energy on my leisure saturday night.
Well, since it already happened in this new year, i force to and have to accept this bad news. Although in past few days i still thought that perhaps the webpage was undergoing maintenance and repairation, so i kept waiting and waiting, but in vain.....
Never mind, i should think positively in this new "tiger" year, new year new start new blog, everything seemed new to me when i back to bukit mertajam, when i step into my new classroom in IPTB, and when i realised that something had changed between me and them.
Ok, forget about those unhappy stuffs because i am going to start a new life with a new brand me =)

Ten things dat i wish to achieve on 2010:
1. Slim down till the weight that i dream 4 so long =P
2. Master a new language, French (copied from YX, since we plan to communicate in french after 6 months)
3. Learn yoga (at the same time can build up my nice body shape,haha!!)
4. Have enough $ for me to buy those things that i like and i wish to buy long time ago =)
5. Get a chinese instrument teacher to teach me "yu-kin" (since i had bought it ^^)
6. Improved my English (so will try to write my blog in English)
7. Read as many as English novel i can (i only spend 2hrs to finish a chinese novel, but in english version, i need more than 2weeks or may be 2 months, for sure >_<''')
8. All my lovely family's members are having a happy and healthy lifestyle =)
9. Mix well with all my friends (AT, SP, IPTB and friedns from all over the world)
10. To meet with my mr.right (gona believe the fortune-teller in china =P YX, you must be laughing now, am i rite?)

Wah, for me, express my feeling in english is damn hard~ regret didn't pay attention and put more effort in English during the primary and secondary school times.
Hem hem, friends, just ignore my grammatical errors k!!! =P